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  • S P R I N G forward!


    With spring arriving in less than two weeks, it's time to S P R I N G forward and sacrifice an hour of extra sleep to daylights savings.  These adjustment weeks are always extra tiring on our bodies but we'll gladly make the change for the extra sunlight we get.  Put down the vitamin D supplements, turn off your S.A.D. lamp, and get ready to enjoy all the bright and cheerful spring days ahead!  

    Also are you stressed about planning your next event?  Let us help you destress when you make an appointment with one of our design and coordination specialists who can take charge of your upcoming party, meeting, or event.  

    So enjoy that EXTRA hour of sun and let us be your custom creative concierge! 


  • Word of the day ~ Meraki


    Meraki is a Greek word that explains how we put everything into our work. The word itself is rather untranslatable, but we like to think of it as putting a little bit of your heart on display.  

    The word can be used all year round, but isn't it most perfect for the holidays?

    ~ E


  • Christmas is coming ~



    With the first day of fall behind us, it's time to start looking ahead.  

    Before you know it Christmas will be here... 91 days to be exact.  Now is the time to start planning for the holiday season.  No matter if you're looking for a traditional theme or something completely out of the box, we're here to design what you're looking for.  We're booking up quickly, so don't delay.  Santa doesn't wait, and neither do we!

    ~ E

  • It’s all in the Team!







    So often, we hear clients tell us that they’re so impressed with the “way it all comes together” for their event. It’s easy for them to see our inspiration for their event, the exact layout we plan to use and even see the individual elements that we are utilizing in their design, but it’s not always easy for clients to envision the finished product.

    One way we are able to bring the look as a whole together is by having a Team of skilled professionals, combing over every detail in order to ensure that the proposed design will come together in a magical way. We don’t get to that point with just one person’s brainpower! It takes group creativity sessions in advance paired with onsite edits to really bring it all together.

    When I arrive onsite during an install, my Team typically has the groundwork laid – the linens are in place, the lighting is illuminating the area and the stage is set. While they are masters of setting a room, it’s my role to turn a critical eye to the design and add layers to the room or remove embellishments that just aren’t quite right. It’s the most integral part to our process, and our clients notice!

    I always brag on my Team, because it truly is a group effort. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries in order to create fresh and innovative ideas, and the best part…they’re not afraid to hear my critiques. It makes them grow in their expertise and push themselves creatively, but most of all, it makes for one heck of an event!

    ~ Whitney 

  • from ice bars to antler chandeliers ~ #TBT

    Before you know it you'll be hearing about pumpkin-spiced-everything along with Halloween treats and eventually Christmas!  Don't let the holidays sneak up on you, start planning now.  We can help you with your office Christmas party, production, or anything in between. From over-the-top, let us create and customize your dream event.

    Just don't wait until it's too late! Start your holiday planning today.

    ~ E