Be an It-Girl on your wedding day


How to have the Wedding of an It-Girl

Around here, we love weddings. We also love women who have a fearless and impeccable sense of style– also known as It Girls. When those two things mix…it’s a match made in wedding heaven.  Below are some tips on how to achieve an it-girl wedding – and have a blast while doing it.

Get. Off. Pinterest.

Seriously. Do it now. Pinterest should be the antonym to original in the dictionary. Think about it – if it’s popular on Pinterest, everyone is pinning it, and therefore everyone is doing it.  The fastest way to outdate your wedding is to style it off of Pinterest. Trust me on this. Just step away from the Wedding Board.

Watch Haute Couture Fashion Shows.

Now this, ladies…THIS is where you should be finding your inspiration. If you want to be ahead of the trends and have a one-of-a-kind wedding, start by looking to the high-fashion designers who are setting the trends for the season. Yes, these fashions are often over-the-top, but, if you can let your imagination run wild for a bit, the amount of inspiration available to you during these ten minute long designer dreams is incredible. Fashion isn’t just about the clothes we wear, and an it-girl takes that to heart.  Fashion translates into every aspect of our lives. Colors, textures, embellishments, sights, sounds…watch and you’ll be amazed.

Figure out your Aesthetic…and Stick to It.

What I mean is, pick a style direction and go with it. Figure out what you want your wedding to look like and what it is going to take to get it there. Don’t try to mix a million trends or styles together and expect a great outcome. Sometimes, less is more. Look at your personal style and think about the design you envision – if you’re rustic, classic, retro, glam, modern, bohemian…hone in on it. You will be so much happier with the result.

Hire a Stylist.

This is just the best tip I can give if you want your wedding to be unique and a true image of who you are. A stylist pinpoints your style and aesthetic, bringing your ideas to life.  She gently nudges you towards ideas that compliment your style, and helps eliminate the ones clouding the big picture. She does not create your style, she perfects it.  It-girls have great taste naturally, and they know when they need a helping hand. Hire a stylist. It will result in an enjoyable (and beautiful) wedding experience.

~ Brittany 

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