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  • Cheers to Memorial Day Weekend (and what we're celebrating!)

    Chameleon Chairs rentals Oklahoma and Texas 

    Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to the summer season.  Luckily it always means cookouts and outdoor events, and in the showroom we're having our own little party.  Today is the 6th weekend of being completely sold out of our Chameleon Chairs!  Make an appointment to see why these are the most popular of our seating options.  Either by the pool or in a ballroom, they really do lend themselves to go with everything!

    Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!


  • Chameleon Chairs Couture Seating

     Chameleon seating has always been known for its unique and elegant silhouette, sexy tapered legs and the attention to detail.  Their chairs are easily recognized and coveted by today’s foremost event planners and designers.  If you’re looking to make a statement at your next event, then these chairs are the ones to do it.  Here at Eventures we are honored to be the exclusive dealer for Chameleon Chairs in Oklahoma.  We have found nothing matches their plush cushions, ergonomic design and the luxurious feel.  Perhaps their greatest feature is the level of customization -- we can tailor each chair to perfectly fit any style.  That's why we call them our couture seating!

    Give us a call and let us transform your next event by kicking it to the next level.

    ~ E


  • drama and the changing of seasons



    I’m feeling inspired by the changing season and the richness that comes with it.   

    As colors deepen, so do their impact.  A luxurious red never fails when its styled so beautifully, like these velvet ruched chairs or strikingly lit dance floor.  After all, everyone needs a little drama in their life.

    ~ Brittany